Quick Hit: Asking Too Much

I don’t know about you, but I’m frustrated every so often by a need for a VERY specific thing that I simply can’t fulfill.

In this case, I’m looking for a mini gym bag.  I’ve got an absolutely perfect bag that my beloved twin brother-in-law gave me several years ago, but it’s about twice – maybe two-and-a-half times – as big as I need it to be when I’m not showering at the gym and don’t need to lug clothes, toiletries, and a towel with me.

I have a smaller bag that the gym gave me during one of the all-staff meetings a few years ago that’s smaller than the perfect bag, but it’s still too big for my needs.  I’m looking for something about half as big; something that will comfortably tote my indoor sneakers, a couple of hand towels, my heart rate monitor and a clean shirt.

I’m on my way out to a couple of sporting goods stores this afternoon.   Wish me luck!


*Edited to include: Found one!  It’s not exactly what I wanted – I would prefer that it had a pocket on an end to keep small, loose stuff – but it’s much better than what I’ve been using, so I got it.



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One response to “Quick Hit: Asking Too Much

  1. This is a nice bag; I have soooo many. I need to start donating them.

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