Ten Things Tuesday

Ten things I’ve pulled off the internet lately.


calvin repeat morning

This is usually the form that my anxiety dreams take.  I can get ready 5 times before the alarm actually rings.

2.  anyone can slay a dragonSometimes, loving the world in spite of all of it is an act of stubborn will.


3.  be wrong not do wrongToo many people do not understand this.  We need to work on that.


4.don't look back

I’m working on practicing this.  My tendency is to look back, just to be sure I’m not walking away from something that can be salvaged.



kindness is free

The way some people behave, you’d think that being kind is actually painful.


6.  little bit of good

Desmond Tutu is one of my heroes.

7.  procrastination

I actually stole this off of someone’s pinterest board to remind me that it IS okay, every now and then, to have a do-nothing day.  I think it’s about time I scheduled one; it’s been a while…


8.  shocked by what I say

One thing that people can say about me is that I don’t pretend to be something I’m not.  That doesn’t always work in my favor, but there it is.


9.  teacher's job

Things that are true.


10.  work ethicMy work ethic.


Happy Tuesday, All!


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