Birthday Love, Part II

Today is also the day that we celebrate the existence of Bruder (being that he’s Mr. Chili’s twin and all, they share the same birthday).

• Bruder is riotously funny.  Sometimes I’m struck by the kind of quiet, matter-of-fact hilarity of him.


• Bruder is wicked smaht.  We joke that he’s a rocket scientist (he really is; that’s what his degrees are in, but he’s working mostly as a software engineer and analyst now).  He, like his brother, doesn’t like to be praised for his intelligence, but he’s got a lot of it, nevertheless.

• Bruder is adventurous.  He’s a horseback rider (he loves his animals), he goes on diving trips to far-away places, and he’s always willing to suit up and go snow-tubing when he visits for Christmas.

• Bruder is into fitness (though I wonder if that’s something that he’s eased off of lately).  He had a terrible accident about 20 years ago that nearly killed him (and left him with some significant rehab to do).  I think that’s part of what inspired him to run Iron Man events and marathons; he wanted to know that he could reclaim his body, and he totally did.  I’m hoping I can get him to run with me when we spend our week at the lake…

• Bruder loves with his whole being.  We only get to see him twice a year (three times if we’re really lucky), but that doesn’t matter a bit; he just falls right in and it feels like he’s always around.  The girls (especially Bean) have always adored him – and he them – and it thrills me to see that his ease with them as babies hasn’t worn off as they’ve grown into teenagers; he still throws them around and gives them a hard time and cuddles with them on the couch when they seek him out.

I adore my twin brother-in-law.  In fact, the only thing I don’t like about him is where he lives; I want him closer.

Happy birthday, Bruder.  Thanks for loving me.


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One response to “Birthday Love, Part II

  1. nhfalcon

    Happy Birthday, Bruder!

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