Quick Hit: Punk is FUNNY

My older daughter isn’t exactly a stellar student.

It’s not that she’s not frickin’ brilliant; she is. She’s just unskilled at summoning the focus and motivation to do well in school. She falls into the category of my biggest complaint about most of my students; they were (and will be) perfectly capable of acing my classes if they’d only do the frickin’ work so I can PROVE that they’re brilliant.

Anyway, this happened today:

We got a letter addressed to “the parents of Punkin Chili” from the high school. I announce this as I’m going through the pile, and Punk says, “shit.”

Clearly, she has an unpleasant expectation of what the letter contains.

I open the letter, and the first word I see is “Congratulations!” It seems our kid “has been selected by the faculty to receive an award for academic achievement for the 2012/2013 school year.”

Punk’s response?

What?! There’s GOT to be a mistake…”

I nearly peed myself.

We find out what the award is on Friday at 1:00. Clear your calendar.


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