Ten Things Tuesday

Ten things I’m doing to distract me from bursting into a gaseous cloud of nervous energy while I wait to hear back about whether or not I was chosen for the teaching job:

1. Cleaning. Carson is coming to visit on Thursday. Well, he’s not coming to visit, exactly; HE’S got a job offer – a really good one, and close enough to where I live that we can be a much bigger and more present part of each other’s lives – and he’s coming within my orbit to have the final, “do you want the job or not” interview (hint, Eddie; you want the job!). What started out as a I-need-to-change-the-spare-room-sheets errand turned into a full-on house cleaning. Floors are washed, winter things are stored tidily in the basement, plants are watered and tended.

2. Once I ran out of things to clean, I turned my attention to the upstairs hall closet (where the aforementioned sheets are stored). Also kept in there are tote bags and gift-wrapping supplies, along with the upstairs vacuum, and the last few people to store things in there very clearly just opened the door and tossed shit in.

3. I had lunch today with my beloved. Back story: he drove around for 6 months last year with an expired inspection sticker. I’m the one who registers the cars, but he’s got to make his own inspection appointment and, apparently, he forgot last year. I made a thing of reminding him about it this time around, so I went to pick him up from the dealership and we went to lunch at my favorite pizza shop and then, on his suggestion, we went and got nostalgic ice cream.

4. At some point between now and tomorrow afternoon, I’m going to give my Puck a good once-over. She’s still carrying around some winter grit in the floor mats, and there’s a fine dusting of pollen over EVERY interior surface (good thing I’m not allergic!). While I’m not sure I’ll run her through the car wash (it’s going to rain at the end of the week), I’ll probably spend some time washing her windows, too.

5. I’ve GOT to reorganize the fridge. We’ve taken to doing the “open the door and throw stuff in and shut the door quick before something falls out” routine that my family was doing with the upstairs hall closet. That’s not okay.

6. I’m planning on hitting the gym today sometime between when the girls get home from school and when we have to leave for Punk’s spring concert tonight at 7:00. I need to work off that ice cream. And, you know, the nervous energy.

7. Laundry. Really, I’m not sure this counts, as laundry is pretty much a constant here in Chez Chili, but it’s on my list. I’m almost to the bottom of the piles in the basement.

8. Freaking out every time the phone rings. The last call was a “This call is pertaining to your current credit card account” automated message, and I near ’bout jumped out of my skin. Bastids.

9. Graduation letters. The kids who were freshmen when I started at CHS are graduating this Friday. I have a present for a few of the kids who were especially special to me, but I’m writing notes to everyone.

10. Breathing. Every once in a while, I have to remind myself to just breathe. The answer is going to be what the answer is, regardless of how much I buzz about it. Giving myself a fit isn’t going to affect the outcome, and it’s better for everyone concerned – especially me – that I don’t wear myself out.

As soon as I know, you’ll know.


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One response to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. I do want the job!!! Looking forward to the visit.

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