Thought for Thursday

Alternately titled; Wordy Wednesday, Part II

So, this pisses me off:


Let me begin by disclosing that I am NOT a scholar of the Patriot Act.  What I know about it, I know through what I’ve learned from news reports and articles from places like the Washington Post and the Atlantic.

I DO know, however, that the Patriot Act did not originate under President Obama.  I know that he signed a 4-year extension of some of the Act’s provisions in 2011, and that his administration has (clearly) taken full advantage of the powers that the Act grants the government, but the Obama Administration neither dreamed up nor expanded on the Act.

I find it bitterly ironic that the same people who were screaming that ANY opposition to President Bush amounted to treason are now claiming that President Obama is abusing the power that the duly elected Congress (not to mention his predecessor) gave him.  I’m not sure that I’m thrilled with the way the Obama Administration has taken advantage of the powers they inherited, but I’m not so hypocritical that I’ve only been complaining about it now that the Democratic black guy’s in the White House.


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