Ten Things Tuesday

Ten things occupying my attention at the moment:

1.  I know I shouldn’t be, but I continue to be drop-jawed astonished at what Republicans are doing.  Seriously?  No, I mean… SERIOUSLYGo here, watch this.  The Iowa governor personally gets to decide if a certain group of women (specifically poor women) get to exercise their constitutionally protected right to an abortion.  This moron thinks that a rape kit is akin to an abortion.  THIS one thinks that abortion should be outlawed because male fetuses masturbate (no, really!  And this guy’s an OB/GYN by profession!).  Wisconsin is following in Virginia’s footsteps and mandating state-sanctioned rape in the form of vaginal ultrasounds, and Texas is trying to close nearly all its women’s health clinics (even some which don’t provide abortions).  At what point are we going to say “here and no further”?

2.  Bean is an orphan in the ensemble for Quaint Coastal City’s theatre-in-the-park production of Annie this year.  We’ve reserved our table for opening night on Friday!  I’m very excited; I think the show’s going to be great.

3.  Mr. Chili has secured us tickets to see Matchbox 20 and the Goo Goo Dolls in Central City tonight.  We haven’t told the girls yet that we’re going; it’s a surprise.

4.  He’s also scored tickets for the two of us to see Vertical Horizon down the Cape late next month.  That will be a just-the-two-of-us trip as Punk will be at her music camp at Local U. and Bean will stay with a friend.  I’m looking forward to that trip.

5.  I don’t know yet if I’m allowed to spill the proverbial beans, but something good happened to a dear friend of mine (which, tangentially, means good things for me, too).  As soon as I’m permitted, I’ll write about it in less opaque terms.

6.  I’m down 23 pounds since my whole “get Chili fit” adventure began.  I had blood drawn this morning for a re-work of my chemistry; I come from such a long line of insistently unhealthy people that it’s a good idea for me to be vigilant about knowing what my numbers are.  I’ll be interested to see how the weight loss has affected my standings.

7.  Father Chili was diagnosed last week with bladder cancer.  He’s supposedly scheduled for surgery tomorrow, but in true in-law fashion, neither of them has been especially forthcoming about the details.  One of the things on my to-do list today is to get the information about the procedure out of them.  I’ve gotten a sub for my fitness class tomorrow so I can be on call.

8.  It is looking as though the world is about to lose Nelson Mandela.  This makes me sad on the one hand, and infinitely grateful that I appreciated him while we had him.  I’ve been aware of Mandela and his work since the mid 70’s; I became interested in South African Apartheid when I was about 9 or 10, and that interest led me to a study of Mandela and a deep admiration for his ethic.

9.  I really want to see Monster’s University and Despicable Me 2.  There are other films I’m looking forward to, but I think it’s kind of funny that the two on the top of my list are those.

10.  Still no word on the job search.  A friend of mine said that there’s often a flurry of openings in late July, early August (when people who’ve secured other positions give their current employers notice).  I may give myself permission to take a vacation from job hunting; it’s really starting to affect my energy in a negative way.  Being a qualified, passionate professional who can’t find a job is really demoralizing.



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5 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Thinking good thoughts for the surgery tomorrow.

  2. nhfalcon

    Have you seen the trailers for “Planes” and “Frozen,” yet? They look pretty good, imho…

  3. I live in Iowa and it’s getting kind of scary here. Our Governor is a jackass and he’s done nothing but negative things for the state.

    Sending healing energy for your in-law.

  4. Kizz, thanks. As of right now (3:00 on Wednesday) we still have zero information about what happened or how Dad’s doing. I fricking HATE that they’re playing it this way, but I have to respect their wishes.

    Falcon, no, I haven’t. I’ll look them up. Planes is a Pixar joint, no?

    Jules, I can’t even begin to imagine. I stand horrified by what Republican lawmakers are doing all over the country.

    • nhfalcon

      Well, “Planes” is being pitched as “From the world of ‘Cars,'” but it’s actually a Disney flick, as is “Frozen.”

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