Nearly Wordless Wednesday

We are all more free today.


I am so happy!!  Go here for a quick overview of how things are going to change.




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4 responses to “Nearly Wordless Wednesday

  1. I read this, and get immediately pissed off. For Obama to get up and say this, is to tell us all, “You will never be free.” Can you not read between the lines of what he is saying to you?

    It is a fact that not all Americans will be treated as equals, not in the eyes of the bureaucracy, and not in the eyes of society. Nor in the eyes of the typical Christian American. If you are a Christian, you believe that those who do not “believe in” Jesus will be damned to hell. Well, that’s not quite EQUAL, now is it?

    I wonder what the country’s poor heroin addicts think of this statement. First, the government prohibits opiates due to personal interests, thereby creating a black market which they support, and anyone caught possessing that outlawed substance, is fucking going to jail. Equal? People have done time in prison for growing a marijuana plant in this country. They have been actually imprisoned by other people for growing a naturally occurring plant, i.e., one that already grows here on Earth. So does the poppy! So do hallucinogenic mushrooms! Take any chance to speak openly and intelligently about these topics, and you are branded by society as large as a conspiracy theorist, or dope fiend.

    I don’t think a country that allows the death penalty knows much about the equality of all man. I think the current mindset of most people is no different here than the culture that engendered the Nazi movement. With these barbaric laws on the books, innocent men have been put to death. Equal? How does the innocent man feel in prison?

    Monsanto is genetically modifying corn, wheat, and soy. They are purposefully contaminating the nation’s grain supply. We as citizens are powerless to stop this bullshit within the law. Look at where our tax money is going – vast majority of the budget is going to the military, not your interests. Not your children’s education, or programs to actually start making shit equal for people. No. Bombs, planes, tanks, and secret forces.

    The Federal Reserve in this country is unconstitutional, therefore, illegal. It has operated illegally, in wide open space, out in the open, since 1913. Our money supply is OWNED by private interests! Do you grasp the importance of this concept? Depressions and recessions are man made, these things are not left to the whimsy of the market, OK, like a wild animal, as these economists would have you believe.

    So when that entitled asshole gets up with this “equal” horseshit, I want to fucking throw up. I have no money. I am unemployed. I have college-level education. Oh well. Why do you think so many alcoholics, drug addicts, drop-outs, prescription pill abusers, killers, rapists, burglars, corporate crooks, serial killers in the military, and other unfortunate human beings populate this country? Why the world is shocked and terrified of what America is going to do to them next. I see a small group of people wielding considerable influence over a large group of people. This is inherently anti-equality. Do you understand what I am trying to say here? At the root of Obama’s statement, is nothing. It is false, it is a lie, the entire sentence is pre-fabricated propaganda, to give you more false hope, to take your mind off of the fact that within 20 years, there will not be any more United States of America left. There will be a large world war, collapsed economy, and then a world leader will come to prominence and save humanity. America will be merged into a global unity, one nation, one world. The surveillance over us will be complete. We will require electronic passes to do literally anything in society, and any drop-outs to the global regime will be immediately exterminated. There will be no more room for dissent.

    So what does this sentence mean for most people? Is it true that when the majority of Americans read this, the propaganda is successful? Or is it true that most people feel the same way that I do, and want to see an end to criminals dictating policy over our lives, sending their police forces to terrorize us, and batter us into submission with these mind-numbing duties and lack of monetary and intellectual freedom. Sometimes I don’t know.

    • Conclusion – if I was a gay man, this news would piss me off. To me, it’s like, Fuck you, I don’t want any part of your establishment anyway. But now you have Christian fags, married fags, whatever. Big deal. We have an economic crisis to worry about, grow up, no one gives a fuck about marriage anyway.

  2. So, what I’m hearing you say is that if we can’t have EVERYTHING EXACTLY the way we want it, then we’re not allowed to celebrate ANY form of advancement?

    Sorry; I reject that. There is precious little in this world that is all or nothing, and even small steps forward are still steps forward. You’re perfectly within your rights to be outraged at all the dumbfuckery still going on (trust me; I’m still pretty pissed off, too), but I don’t think that’s reason not to be happy that there’s a little bit less to fight against today.

  3. I hear that. I actually do agree with you. But what we have here is not some cosmic shift of nature – it is the final acquiescence from a bunch of selfish, controlling, evil people. Oh, great, so now we’re “allowed” to marry who we want to? Oh thanks, guys. See what I mean? We should NEVER have even allowed these people to write our legislation in the first place. When we celebrate some basic fundamental rights that have been given back to us by people who never should have been able to take that away from the beginning. Until we get all concept of morality removed entirely from politics, we are losing to a bunch of crooks. Government is there to legislate basic freedoms. That is all. They are not supposed to be making judgments on these types of issues. That is up to the individual, whether they want to marry a man or a woman, at what age they want to marry, if they want to be an alcoholic, or drug addict, or user, or what they say in public.

    What this decision should do, instead of being a cause for celebration, it should be a wake up call. We cannot allow these guys to control our lives like this. It is insane. It is becoming a police state. Children are encouraged to turn in their parents. Police can rough you up for whatever reason they deem valid, or kill you, or imprison you. When it comes down to it, I have no money, I have no political influence, and I use illegal drugs, I choose not to pay tax, I am looked down on by the establishment. I want to know where I can go in this world where I am not subject to having to follow some other asshole’s rules. Where can I go that the land is free, where I can live where I like, I don’t have to send my children to public school, where I am not threatened by the state to have my children taken away from me. Where can I go, and pursue my own freedom, where no man has the authority over another to detain him against his will, in bondage, for a ransom (bond and bail). I want a free world. I want to be a free human being.

    I find it difficult to celebrate a minor concession given to a basically enslaved population by its rulers. It is more insulting to me, than celebratory. I agree that this is a good thing for many LGBT people that have not had this right in the past. But let us not settle, for we owe it to ourselves to demand that we get the freedom we were born with, given to us by God, an inalienable right to exist as we please.

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