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More Terrible Customer Service

So, I bought a pair of Apple earbuds in April, right? They stopped working this morning. I’ve been on the phone with Apple for more than 25 minutes already, trying to find out where I can go to exchange them for a new pair.

Honest to god, I have NO IDEA what the hell the three people I’ve talked to are doing on the other end of the phone. In the course of one conversation, the tech told me he needed the serial number of my phone. WHY? What the hell does my PHONE have to do with my broken earbuds? (and, for the record, yes; I’ve tested both the phone with other earbuds and the earbuds on another device).

WTF, Apple?! It’s NOT THAT HARD. Here, let me show you:

“Mrs. Chili, I’m sorry that your earbuds stopped working. Please bring them, along with your receipt, to the store where you purchased them, and exchange them for a new pair.”


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Ten Things Tuesday

Mr. Chili and I are going Down the Cape tomorrow morning.  Our plan is to make our leisurely way to that part of the world, eat local pizza, and see Vertical Horizon, Smash Mouth, Sugar Ray, Fastball, and the Gin Blossoms in the evening.  Here, then, are 10 songs I hope I hear:

1.  There is literally nothing in the Vertical Horizon catalog that I do not love.  I’ve had One of You in my head for a while now, though,

2.  and I’m especially fond of Middle Ground,

3.  and Save Me From Myself.

4.  Found Out About You is my favorite Gin Blossoms song (it’s on several of my walk/run playlists), but I also like

5.  Hey, Jealousy.

6.  Smash Mouth is just non-stop fun.  I’ve had Road Man in my head for a really, really long time, but Mr. Chili has been singing

7.  All Star for a couple of weeks.

8.  I’m not really familiar with Sugar Ray’s catalog, though we saw them a few years ago when they opened for Matchbox 20.  I really like When It’s Over, though.

9.  I’m even less familiar with Fastball’s work, but I know I like Out of My Head.

10.  and I kind of love The Way.


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“We’ve Won.”

So, Toeses had something of a mishap a few weeks ago that resulted in an injury that required the removal of one of his toes.1013977_10151702416984885_1654560024_n

Yes – we’ve already gone through all of the “Toes-less” jokes; in fact, I announced the amputation to my daughters by telling them that we may have to change the old man’s name to Wormtail.

ANYWAY, in the intervening weeks, we’ve been dealing with a slow-healer (he IS in his 21st year, after all; let’s cut the poor boy some slack) and a secondary infection.  When the first course (and kind) of antibiotic didn’t seem to be effective, the doc put him on another.  I have been diligently dosing my very disinclined-to-cooperate cat every night for a week.

I brought him in for a follow-up this afternoon.  The tech checked him over (maintaining his weight, no fever) and then took him out back so the doctor could have a peek under his bandages.


I kind of love this vet.  He gives me the impression of being a kind-hearted military man; he’s quiet, straight-to-the-point, and very clearly cares about what he does.  He came back into the room with my old man tucked under his arm (without his bandages!)  and an uncharacteristic grin on his face and told me, simply;

“We’ve won.”

He wants Toeses to endure another round of the antibiotic, but he’s confident that we’ve gotten the best of this particular infection.  Toeses, for his part, doesn’t realize it yet, but he’s going to be able to go outside tomorrow; I want to give him some time to get reacquainted with his un-bandaged foot, and to remember that he’s still got that fracture to be mindful of.  I also want to be sure that he’s going to stay close to home so I can continue to administer his meds.

I, for my part, am deeply grateful to the doctors and technicians at my new favorite veterinary practice.  I’m planning on baking them some chocolate-zucchini muffins to express my gratitude.


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Quick Hit: Jack Attacks

Mr. Chili brought home a pair of movies from Redbox this afternoon; Jack the Giant Slayer and Jack Reacher.

Jack the Giant Slayer was meh.  The main character was played by Nicholas Hoult, the same boy who delighted me as the lead in Warm Bodies.  That was about the only thing I really enjoyed in the film, though; the story line was passable, the special effects were okay, and the conclusion, though contrived, was reasonably satisfying.  Overall, I’d give the movie a solid B-.

Though the film completely crumbles under any kind of critical scrutiny, I enjoyed Jack Reacher much more than I thought I would.  It had a sort of Shooter feel to it; an enigmatic hero who doesn’t talk much and seems to understand much more than he has reason to is, for me, always a fun ride, and Cruise, for all his personal flaws (in fact, perhaps because of them), can really pull off the cocky, self-assured lead.  The lead woman in the film was the weakest link; she had a quality about her that kept both Mr. Chili and me off balance for the duration of her screen time; we were never sure what purpose she was serving, and we never felt that she lived up to what could have been some pretty serious potential as a strong character.

For all of that, though, it was a thoroughly enjoyable little bit of action-adventure nothingness; I give it an A- for that (though, as I said, it completely fails if one starts to think too much about it).   I’m seriously considering finding the Jack Reacher novels to try; I’m betting they’d be fun.

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Six Word Saturday X2

Ran around the neighborhood this morning; it was harder than I remember.

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Protected: Intolerance for Intolerance

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Quick Hit: Thinking Thursday

I’m working on brewing a pretty introspective post.  It’ll likely be private when it gets published; if I know you, email me and I’ll send you the password.

Until then, consider this:




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