Quick Hit: Rain, Rain

We’ve been in a pretty persistent pattern of soggy weather this season, and especially lately.  My phone buzzed for the first time ever with a weather alert from the National Weather Service (scared the crap out of me) warning me about the potential for flash flooding in my neighborhood.  A few days ago, several roads were washed out in the next county over, so this is actually a thing to watch out for.  The weather forecasters on both the t.v. and the radio have been warning us about the likelihood of heavy rain, large hail, and damaging wind all week.

The current forecast says that this pattern should break in time for fireworks on the Fourth, and that the coming weekend looks lovely.  I really hope so; this constant grind of wet and grey is starting to take a toll on my mood…



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2 responses to “Quick Hit: Rain, Rain

  1. I got my first weather alert like that several weeks ago and thought for sure someone had planted a bomb in my apartment because I didn’t own anything that made that sort of noise. Now I at least recognize the noise but it still makes me jump out of my skin. Yesterday I was sitting in my big open plan office and my phone buzzed, I jumped. Then another guy’s phone, then another, and another……it was silly. But we didn’t float away.

  2. Kwizgiver

    Me too. We have the added bonus of getting smoke from the wildfires in Quebec. Blah.

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