Ten Things Tuesday

I was having trouble coming up with a topic for today’s TTT, so I asked the lovely and creative Dingo what I should write about.  One of her suggestions was “10 things that make you laugh out loud just thinking about them.”  I can’t think of ten things that make me laugh OUT LOUD, but here are ten things that make me smile/chuckle/giggle:

1.  This picture.


It’s Bean and Bruder looking at fish.

2.  This video (taken in the same place, but a couple of years later).

3.  This whole scene (be careful; there’s language).

Check out the look on Will Smith’s face when Mom comes down the hallway….

4.  Every single Pixar blooper reel.  EveryLastOne.  Of.  Them.

5.  This ad makes me chuckle:

6.  Mike Meyers as his own Scottish father:

7.  Bob Nelson’s football routine.  It doesn’t matter how many times I see it; it makes me laugh every time.

8.  Punkin’ Pie has an almost preternatural sense of comedic timing, and while I can’t really render anything that she does here in any way that would do it justice, trust me when I tell you that she makes me laugh out loud a few times a week.

9.  The Siri argument.  “Ask my wife if the washing machine…”  “….is the only thing you’ve been sitting on lately….. Oh, dear.”  “Hey, look!  I googled ‘anger management techniques.”

10.  When Lewis Black (whom I love on The Daily Show) was on The Big Bang Theory (one of my favorite t.v. shows), it was perfect.


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