We Hold These Truths….

No shit, People; READ THISUnderstand it; know what it really means.  Then, when you’re done, go read the Bill of Rights (I’d rather you read the whole Constitution, but if you’re a TL;DR kind of person, at LEAST read the Bill of Rights).

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 11.58.12 AM

I’m not sure there’s ever been a time in our history when these documents have been more important than they are RIGHT FUCKING NOW.  Like I said yesterday, I really feel like we’re on the brink of something.  Knowing – and understanding – the foundations upon which this great experiment is founded may be the only way to get through it and come out whole on the other side.



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3 responses to “We Hold These Truths….

  1. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who think our founding documents said “You can’t take our guns” and pretty much nothing else.

  2. I understand why people like the idea of the COnstitution and the Bill of Rights, but the sad truth is, that these documents have never guaranteed the freedom of anybody, at all.

    The black people of this fine country may have something to say about the way these two documents of helped them out over the years. Let’s see, after they were written, we had the SLAVE TRADE!!! Wowzers, people! Africans were not considered citizens, or even humans, they were considered property. Shit didn’t get better for these people until the fucking 1960’s. I mean, seriously, people. Look at the way the judicial system operates here. The key words here are MONEY, POWER, INFLUENCE. Friends in high places. Look at the Federal Reserve. It is unconstitutional. Yet, there it is, for ONE HUNDRED FUCKING YEARS. They own our monetary supply. Private interests, meaning, citizens, NOT a branch of the United States government, owns, prints, and controls our money.

    So, these two pieces of paper, when they were written, were just a publicity ploy. It set the stage for hundreds of years of propaganda, about freedom, while slaughtering the Native Americans and stealing their land, raping them, destroying their heritage and spirituality.

    The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are nothing. They do nothing. They are simply cute little documents, that seem nice, that were written many, many years ago, in a completely different world, in a completely different society, by British Freemasons that knew what they were doing – setting up a New World Order, one in which the European bankers and elite blood families had a BRAND NEW COUNTRY to exploit, and dominate, the new social experiment. They realized they could get the cooperation of the masses a LOT easier than ruling over them ruthlessly and arrogantly. They simply convinced everyone they were FREE, and now look at the scene.

    These British Freemasons were looking FAR into the future when they staged that American ‘Revolution’, using tactics learned in Europe, and set up this new society. Nothing changed. Manifest Destiny was simply empire building. Why is it that the people of today’s world put so much weight on those two little documents, when we have the ENTIRE VANTAGE POINT OF AMERICAN HISTORY to be able to look back on, and see that these documents have never done a god damned thing to protect out rights and freedoms. It is just a simple formality. When the Federal Reserve was set up, and the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. all established, a representative of the elite government forces should have just held a press conference and burned the Constitution and Bill of Rights right in front of everybody’s face. It would have saved a lot of confusion over the years.

  3. And I thought MY response was too cynical.

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