Today’s Message: Kindness

The message I got at the end of yoga class today was “be a little kinder this week than you have to be.”

I started to practice this by offering to take a carriage back to the grocery store this afternoon; a man with a car full of kids was loading his groceries into the back of his minivan next to my car and, since I was taking MY carriage back, I offered to bring his, too.

When I got back to my car, he was just settling in and buckling his seat belt.  Through all our open windows, I heard a chorus of little voices in the back yelling “THANK YOU FOR TAKING OUR CART BACK!!!”  I didn’t do  it to be thanked, but that particular expression of gratitude made me grin.

Now, let’s see what other kind things I can do this week…


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One response to “Today’s Message: Kindness

  1. Donna

    Wonderful Mrs. Chili!! Have a great day.

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