Nearly Wordless Wednesday

It’s OFFICIAL!!!  (click the link, choose “history” and you’ll see Eddie listed as faculty for the Brooks School!)

He’ll be here toward the end of August, and I CAN.  NOT.  WAIT!!!

I am SO happy for you, my friend.  You’re going to OWN this, and I’m so looking forward to our being more present in each other’s lives.




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One response to “Nearly Wordless Wednesday

  1. Thank you. It was a hard and very recent decision as you know, but I hope it will give me a chance to grow in a different way. I am leaving behind wonderful colleagues, a great dept. chair and principal, but I do think the change will be good. I was shocked at how fast they posted my stuff; we were just in conversations about my bio and pic on Monday when I sent it to them. I learned a great deal at HC and will take that with me. I have nothing but love and respect for HC and will always think well. My concerns and inability to deal with my emotions regarding various things proved too great; in the end, I could not return. They will move on and do great things. I am just one little man.

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