Quick Hit: Jack Attacks

Mr. Chili brought home a pair of movies from Redbox this afternoon; Jack the Giant Slayer and Jack Reacher.

Jack the Giant Slayer was meh.  The main character was played by Nicholas Hoult, the same boy who delighted me as the lead in Warm Bodies.  That was about the only thing I really enjoyed in the film, though; the story line was passable, the special effects were okay, and the conclusion, though contrived, was reasonably satisfying.  Overall, I’d give the movie a solid B-.

Though the film completely crumbles under any kind of critical scrutiny, I enjoyed Jack Reacher much more than I thought I would.  It had a sort of Shooter feel to it; an enigmatic hero who doesn’t talk much and seems to understand much more than he has reason to is, for me, always a fun ride, and Cruise, for all his personal flaws (in fact, perhaps because of them), can really pull off the cocky, self-assured lead.  The lead woman in the film was the weakest link; she had a quality about her that kept both Mr. Chili and me off balance for the duration of her screen time; we were never sure what purpose she was serving, and we never felt that she lived up to what could have been some pretty serious potential as a strong character.

For all of that, though, it was a thoroughly enjoyable little bit of action-adventure nothingness; I give it an A- for that (though, as I said, it completely fails if one starts to think too much about it).   I’m seriously considering finding the Jack Reacher novels to try; I’m betting they’d be fun.


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  1. From what I hear about the novels they’re good but you’ll have to hurdle the visualization process. Apparently Cruise looks NOTHING like the character is described.

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