More Terrible Customer Service

So, I bought a pair of Apple earbuds in April, right? They stopped working this morning. I’ve been on the phone with Apple for more than 25 minutes already, trying to find out where I can go to exchange them for a new pair.

Honest to god, I have NO IDEA what the hell the three people I’ve talked to are doing on the other end of the phone. In the course of one conversation, the tech told me he needed the serial number of my phone. WHY? What the hell does my PHONE have to do with my broken earbuds? (and, for the record, yes; I’ve tested both the phone with other earbuds and the earbuds on another device).

WTF, Apple?! It’s NOT THAT HARD. Here, let me show you:

“Mrs. Chili, I’m sorry that your earbuds stopped working. Please bring them, along with your receipt, to the store where you purchased them, and exchange them for a new pair.”



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2 responses to “More Terrible Customer Service

  1. Ugh. I feel your pain. I’ve had nothing but trouble with Apple. I have an, admittedly, old iPod and was told I could send it in for a replacement for $59 because the battery is dying. Well, I went to do that and then they told me I couldn’t because my version of the iPod is considered “obsolete” so they will have nothing to do with it. So my only option is to buy a new iPod. Quite a racket they’ve got going there. They make products for which you cannot replace the batteries and, by the time the battery is getting old and won’t hold a charge, they make the model obsolete so they don’t have to replace it for $59. I refuse to go to Europe without some tunes on the plane so I guess I will be buying a new one.

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