Ten Things Tuesday

Have I done this before?  Ten things I don’t do:

1.  I don’t drink to excess, smoke, or take illicit drugs.

2.  I don’t go hiking or camping.  Yeah, yeah; if you enjoy it, I’m happy for you.  I don’t enjoy it, so I don’t go; more nature for you.

3.  I don’t wear makeup unless it’s a special occasion (or I’m nervous and feeling insecure).

4.  I don’t wear high heels.  My only pair of “fancy shoes” sport 1-inch heels.

5.  I don’t ski or generally partake in other winter sports.  I really dislike the cold, and the idea of going out to play in it doesn’t appeal at all.

6.  I don’t eat fish.  I’m allergic to shellfish, but all fish kinda scares me.  I can be convinced to eat a tuna salad sandwich every so often, but that’s it.  As a consequence, I have exactly no idea how to cook fish.

7.  I don’t take care of people who are vomiting.  Anything else?  I’m your girl.  I’ve been the first person on the scene of two pretty horrific car accidents (one of which proved fatal for one of the passengers), a student had a seizure in my class (and another attempted suicide on campus and came to me for aid), I helped my mother die of cancer, and my kids have come to me with mouths full of blood after knocking teeth out; I’m okay with all of that, as long as nobody pukes.

8.  I don’t drink coffee.  Love the smell, hate the taste.  As a consequence of that, I have no idea how to make a good cup of coffee.

9.  I don’t wear red or yellow.  Both colors have a really unpleasant effect on me (let’s just say that I have a pretty good idea of what I’ll look like when I’m dead).

10.  This last one’s a two-fer: I don’t sunbathe (I can burn myself sick in half an hour.  Trust me; I’ve done it) and I don’t blow-dry my hair, ever (to do so would result in a cloud of red frizz that would amaze and horrify).


What about you?  What don’t YOU do?



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7 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. nhfalcon

    I would do anything for love, but I WON’T do that!

    Sorry, that was too easy to pass up… 🙂

    Anyway, I don’t cook – at all. I just never learned how to, and now, with the wonders that are the microwave oven, easily accessible and fairly cheap restaraunts, and my wife ( 🙂 ), I never will.

    I also don’t shave with a regular razor. Again, I never learned how to. I’ve always shaved with an electric razor. If I tried to use a regular razor, I’d probably kill myself (and wouldn’t some people around these parts just LOVE that! 🙂 ).

    I don’t know a damn thing about cars or tools or plumbing or woodworking or otherwise being handy around the house.

    I don’t know how to play any musical instruments. I tried my hand at the violin, guitar, and piano, but I just don’t have the patience and/or the discipline to sit through the mundane shit in order to get to the good stuff – I wanna be Eddie Van Halen NOW, dammit! 🙂

  2. Kwizgiver

    1-5, sort of for 6 (I eat fish but don’t have any idea how to prepare it–and I don’t eat it often), 7 doesn’t bother me, 8 is where we are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Amen for 9 (at least for yellow–I never wear it). And ditto for #10.

  3. jrh

    Um, I have memories that contradict #2. The memories do however confirm that you don’t enjoy it.

    I don’t do cartwheels, eat peanut butter, or go on big roller coasters.

  4. Falcon, I swear to god, I had that song in my head the whole time I was writing this post. I decided to keep this post out of the bedroom, though…

    I don’t play any instruments, either. I never learned how to read music, and I’m not passionate (or, like you, patient) enough to learn how to play. As a result, I have a great deal of admiration for those who do.

    Kwizgiver, my husband, who is also a redhead, wears red all the time. In fact, one of his “signatures” is a red Patagonia jacket. I just can’t do it, and neither can Bean (though Punk HAS a red Pat and can pull it off like her dad, she only wears it occasionally).

    JRH, yeah, I went both camping AND hiking, but I was being compelled to do so, and it took all the effort I had NOT to be the biggest pain in the ass in the world and not bitch about it every fucking minute. In fact, it is true that that experience was the last time I partook in either of those activities, and if I play my cards right, it’ll stay that way.

    I also don’t go on roller coasters. I love peanut butter (and eat it practically every day as part of my post-workout mini-meal) and I can still do cartwheels, though…

  5. Number 7–just as you wrote about it. *shudder*

  6. Being a ginger, I’m not surprised about the sun bathing thing. I recall you telling us last year about putting on spf-50 and still getting a burn.

    And I was thinking of “I won’t dance, don’t ask me” instead of the Meatloaf song.

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