Quick Hit: Devastating

This is happening again.

We’d planned a big 16th birthday party for Punkin’ Pie.  As of today, she’s asked us to cancel it; the only people who are coming are her grown-ups (us, Uncle Marc, Auntie and TG, folks like that) and the friend who’s mother insists on chaperoning.  The only other person who RSVP’d in the affirmative backed out tonight.

I’ll call Local U. and find out about canceling.  Dad’s looking into booking a cruise instead.

I hate this.



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6 responses to “Quick Hit: Devastating

  1. Oh for fuck’s sake. I’m glad she’s got one good friend (I’m assuming the chaperoning kid is that).

  2. Yeah, not so much, Kizz. This is the same kid who, a year or so ago, left Punk in her own living room (after a sleepover at her house; she’s apparently not allowed at our house anymore as I haven’t seen her here in years) to go to a different friend’s house (one who had bullied Punk something awful). My daughter called me to tell me that she was all alone at this girl’s house and would I come pick her up. I hate Punk’s “friends.”

  3. Mamie

    Ohhhhh, my stomach just clenched up in knots reading this (and rereading the 2007 post). The Niece has gone through it too, and she just turned 10… I shudder to think of what the teen years will bring. Book the cruise.

  4. That bites. Where are her band geeks? She needs more band geeks! They aren’t perfect but they usually aren’t impossible!

  5. Jen

    That’s really rotten. I don’t even know what else to say. I almost don’t believe that people could be so mean, except I was a teenager once, too…

  6. That really blows. Sounds a lot like my 16th birthday (and my h.s. graduation, and my wedding). Even back then, it opened my eyes to who my true friends (friend?) were. Additionally, I learned to appreciate the family members who wanted to spend time with me.

    People can be rotten (especially during the teenage years), but I really hope Punk doesn’t let this ruin her birthday.

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