Quick Hit: Face Time

I got to spend some time with Wayfarer and his lovely bride, Sooza, this afternoon.  We had yummy lunch and good conversation, then they took my girls (who were entertaining their girls) while I ran some errands (I took the time to get myself settled with the personnel and IT departments at Local Community College; I still have some paperwork to fill out for Away Community College).

I met up with the clan again to watch Bean perform in Annie in the Park.  She’s been in this show all summer (they’re up to their 29th performance), and most (though not all – I’m looking at YOU, Auntie) of her important grown-ups have come to see her.  Yesterday was PACKED for a Thursday, but the weather was glorious and the press of humanity didn’t stop us from having a glorious time.

Before we parted, Sooza said that it was good to SEE me.  We are in pretty regular touch on Facebook (something for which I am grateful, as we live about 3 hours apart), but she’s right; it WAS good to lay my eyes on these friends (and to wrap my arms around them).  For all that I treasure the contact that my online life provides me, there’s still something to be said for good, old-fashioned, face-to-face time.


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  1. Personal, face-to-face time is special, and more so when it can’t happen regularly. I’m grateful for every chance to have it with you and yours. LOVE!

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