Quick Hit: Owie

My best friend/brother/Anam Cara had an unfortunate and unpleasant encounter with his band saw this afternoon that landed him in the emergency room.  He called on the way there, and when I called Mr. Chili to tell him I was headed to the hospital to meet him, he said he’d go.

It turns out that Marc managed to sever both tendons on the first two fingers of his left hand.  Fortunately (can one say that about such a thing?), he mangled the BACK of his hand, so he didn’t need immediate surgery to repair the damage; they cleaned up the wound, threw in some stitches, and told him to make an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon first thing next week.  She said that, looking at the x-rays, it’s likely he’ll get full use of the hand again.

Mr. Chili came home when he thought that Marc was being released, but it turns out he had to stay a bit for some IV antibiotics, so I took second shift.  I arrived just as his IV was being removed (along with a good portion of the hair on his arms; that may have been the worst part of that whole procedure), then stayed with him as he was released.  We dropped his prescriptions off at the 24-hour pharmacy, then went to get him something to eat while we waited.  I followed him home to make sure he was okay, then headed home.

I’ll make a pest of myself the next few days checking in on him.  We’re in pretty regular contact through the day, so that really won’t be any different from how we usually behave, but still…

Poor Baby.  Healing thoughts are graciously accepted.


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One response to “Quick Hit: Owie

  1. Jules

    Sending healing energy his way. Sounds pretty painful!

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