Ten Things Tuesday

One of my facebook buddies put out a call for what he called “Red State Haiku” the other day.  I was only too eager to answer (and more than a little horrified by how easy these are to write…).

1.  The war on women;
get back in the kitchen, Bitch,
and quit complaining.

2. College student, huh?
No voter ID for you
You don’t vote for us.

3. Universal Healthcare
It was our idea first.

4. We honor our troops
until they need food or jobs,
then they’re just takers.

5. GOP hearing
Birth control is the topic
No women allowed.

6. Bengazi was the
worst attack Cheney recalls.
Dude?! 9/11?!

7. Obstruction is hard;
Forty votes to kill health care
not one vote for jobs.

8. Racism is dead,
so sayeth the Supreme Court.
Who needs voting rights?

9. GOP playbook:
Women, gays, sick, elderly
matter less than guns.

10. Corporate personhood:
let them regulate themselves.
How could that go wrong?



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8 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. left out black people for # 9

  2. I know; I was limited by the number of syllables I was allowed. I couldn’t figure out how to put “immigrants” or “the poor” in there, either.

  3. Brandon

    So few syllables, yet so many victims, huh?

  4. Exactly, Brandon, though I wouldn’t call them “victims;” that implies a helplessness that I don’t believe is in evidence.

  5. Brandon

    Well that’s an improvement then I suppose. 🙂

  6. Please tell me you’re not going for condescension here, Brandon.

  7. Brandon

    I wasn’t, although perhaps the smiley face gave the wrong impression. If you don’t view all these various identity groups as victims, then I think that is good thing, an improvement over how I think many on your side view them.

    Perhaps it is a thin semantic line we’re walking on here as to whether they are victims, or perhaps simply viewed as oppressed or burdened by those wretched Red Staters. I think the policies “your” side advocates engender a victim mentality, but that is a separate issue from your answer as to how you would not call them victims, which I don’t take issue with.

  8. Anonymous

    Brandon: You are clearly not a victim. You cannot get it.

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