Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Privilege



I am consistently and brutally astonished by how many people ask me why I get so worked up about stuff that “has nothing to do with you.”  I can’t ever get pregnant again, they say, so I shouldn’t care about abortion rights.  What does that have to do with me?  I’m not gay, so I shouldn’t care about gay rights, either (though there’s some concession made for the people in my life who are, as if that somehow gives me permission to care).   I’m white and reasonably well-off, so I shouldn’t care about immigration issues or poverty.  I have a state-issued ID, so I can vote, so I have no call to get all worked up about what’s happening in states where the vote is being attacked.

No; that’s not how this shit works, People.  Everyone does better when everyone does better, and I have a responsibility to use my privilege to effect positive change for everyone I can.

And so do you.




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