Quick Hit: Date Night

Mr. Chili and I went out to dinner tonight, just the two of us.  We ended up in a little, out of the way Italian place in Quaint Coastal City (we were already in town to drop Bean off for her Annie performance).

OHMYGOD, the food!  We started with a plate of little marinated mozzarella balls, then shared a bowl of some of the most scrumptious carbonara I’ve ever eaten (really, I could have been happy with just that).  We finished with a stuffed chicken something – I’m still not exactly sure what was in it, but it looked all the world like a jelly roll; chicken wrapped around some sort of stuffing and sliced over a pile of risotto with some fancy steamed veggies and a chicken broth sauce.

We were GOING to have creme brulee for dessert, but we promised we’d give the table back before 8:00 (they had a reservation; we didn’t), so we ended up at our favorite ice cream joint in town and shared a boat of chocolate ice cream covered in peanut butter sauce.

It was a lovely date.  We should do that more often, I think.


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