The Closing Curtain

Bean acts in the closing show of Annie in the Park tonight.

1010457_693483137331703_785622375_n(In case you’re wondering, Bean is the one in the back performing the epic facepalm).

It’s been a good summer.  The commitment for the show was a HUGE one; four – sometimes five – shows a week, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from June through tonight.  With the exception of one show that was rained out and the week she missed while we were at the lake, Bean’s hasn’t missed a performance.  We were talking about it on the way over the other day (I bring her in; Dad picks her up) and she surprised me by saying that, if there’s another show that she could act in, she’d be willing to do it again.  I really thought that this part wore her out – and she admitted that it did – but she enjoyed it enough to consider signing up for another run.

Mr. Chili and I are going to see the closing show; we went to the opening, so it seems only right and fitting that we should be there at the end, too (even though we can recite the damned thing by now), and I have every expectation that Bean will be very active in the high school drama club (she’s a freshman this year.  Yikes!  I hope next year’s production is something OTHER than Annie!).

I’m proud of my Bean; this has been a good run.

Edited to include: that’s the actress playing Miss Hannigan in the front, there.  She was perhaps my favorite character.  She plays Hannigan with a kind of spastic energy that is reminiscent of Lewis Black; she actually twitches in some spots, and it’s awesome.



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2 responses to “The Closing Curtain

  1. I would have been very surprised to hear that a kid who didn’t miss a show except when forced by family decisions wouldn’t want to do it again. She’s got the bug.

  2. Jules

    Good for her! The best memories I have of high school and college are of the time I spent on the stage and with the friends I made there.

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