Ten Things Tuesday

Ten songs I’ve had stuck in my head this week:

1.  You’ve Got Time by Regina Spektor.  It’s the theme song for Orange is the New Black, which is the show I’m currently watching (and enjoying more than I expected I would) on the elliptical machines and stationary bikes and treadmills at the gym.

2.  It’s a Hard Knock Life from Annie.  I told Bean the other day that I was surprised I still had that one in there.  She retorted with a deadpan, “Mom, we’re stuck with that one for life.”

3.   Just a Feeling by Maroon 5.  Maroon 5 has taken up pretty much permanent residence in the recesses of my ears; this just happens to be what’s playing at the moment.

4.  Brave by Sara Bareillas.  Dingo sent me this song a little while ago (when I was feeling small and weak), and it made me cry.  “Show me how big your brave is.” (yep; still makes me cry).

5.  How Far We’ve Come by Matchbox 20.  It’s a good running song, and I kinda like the attitude of it.

6.  Come to Me by the Goo Goo Dolls.  They played this as a new song during the concert we went to earlier this summer.  It’s a sweet little love song, and I went home right away and downloaded the whole album.

7.  Gravedigger by Dave Matthews.  I’m considering a creative writing exercise that sends students to an old graveyard and asks them to imagine the lives of the people whose names are engraved on the stones.

8.  Make You Feel My Love by Adele.  I’m really not an Adele fan; I haven’t figured out if I like her voice or not, and some of her songs’ lyrics really don’t work for me.  I do like this song, though.  I heard it in a store on Monday, and it rooted.

9.  The Middle by Jimmy Eat World.  This came up in my Pandora rotation the other day.  It’s a catchy little tune.

10.  Home by Phillip Phillips.  Another catchy tune, and I really like the message.



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2 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. nhfalcon

    I know Regina Spektor only through “The Call,” which is featured on the soundtrack of “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.” Excellent song. I found an EP of Spektor’s on CD that had that song and bought it for Cookiemaker a while ago.

  2. I really like Adele’s version of “Make You Feel My Love” better than Dylan’s. Glad you provided the link!

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