Suicide Prevention Week

Today marks the start of this year’s Suicide Prevention Week.

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Be a little kinder this week than you normally are.

Listen when people talk to you, and really hear what they’re saying.

Remember that you don’t have to directly intervene to make a difference; it may be a simple act of common decency toward the cashier at the grocery store or a smile at a stranger at the bus stop that makes a difference; you never know who’s watching, desperately hoping for some evidence of human kindness as a reason not to end it tonight.

Then go here to donate to the IMAlive giving challenge, or find a local suicide prevention hotline to offer a few dollars (or your time as a volunteer).

You really don’t know how far your kindness can go.



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2 responses to “Suicide Prevention Week

  1. This includes being more kind to yourself. People who suffer from depression (myself included) are caught in a cycle. Negative thoughts about themselves lead to depression and depression leads to negative thoughts about themselves. It’s a difficult pattern from which to break free. Be gentle with yourself and others. Like you said, it could make a world of difference.

    • Jules, yes; a million times, yes. I am my own worst enemy. I have monsters that I have mostly tamed, but every once in a while, they rage out of the closet and torment me. I can talk myself into believing all manner of ugly things about me. Thanks for reminding us that kindness starts at home.

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