Ten Things Tuesday

Ten people for whom I’m grateful:

1.  Help desk people.  I’ve made friends with Lee at one college and Tommie and Phil and Lennon at the other, and they’re all awesome.  The first thing I do at a new job is make friends with the tech folks and the secretaries (if there are any).  They’re the ones who know what’s going on and who make the place run.

2.  Doctors.  My father-in-law is going in for surgery for his bladder cancer on Thursday.  I’m still unclear about what the prognosis is (I mean, come on; Dad’s 91, so how good can the prognosis really be?), and it’s obvious that he’s scared, but I’ve been on this ride before and have a great deal of confidence in the competence of cancer doctors.  Even if it’s not going to be all right, it’s going to be all right.

3.  Police officers.  For all the bad press that they get (and they get a lot – and most of it is well-deserved), I continue to believe that the majority of them are good people who genuinely want to be the wall that protects us from all the bad that we do to one another.

4.  Marc.  I cannot express how glad I am to have my brother and anam cara back as a daily fixture in my life.

5.  My facebook community.  I have a number of friends whom I’ve never met in person but who are, nevertheless, very important to me.  I feel so much less alone for having them out there.

6.  Ed, the wonder mechanic and Al, his protege.  Sweet Pea needs to have her check engine light checked out, and Al’s told me to just bring her by whenever she can get there.  I love that these men take care of me (and the people I love) so well.

7.  Rachel Maddow.  Yeah, yeah, I know; you may not like her politics (I’ve seen how some on the right think of her), but I love her.  She’s passionate, she’s logical, she’s ethical and thorough, she’s whip smart, and she’s insistent.  I want to be her when I grow up.

8.  My former students.  In the last two days, I’ve gotten a love note from one of them and a surprise visit from another (who proceeded to tell my class that I’m the reason he’s in college.  I almost cried).  These kids are awesome; I thought so when they were my students, and I think so now.  I am so proud of them.

9.  President Obama.  Let’s get one thing clear; I am NOT a drooling Obama groupie.  There’s a lot about what this man has done in his administration (or, more to the point, what he HASN’T done) that ticks me off.  That being said, I continue to admire his strength of character, his ethics, and his decency, and the more I watch this whole Syria thing unfold, the smarter I think he is.  I’m glad he’s in the White House.

10.  It should go without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway; I am grateful, every damned day, for my husband.  He’s my biggest supporter and my strongest critic (in a good way!).  He’s my tech support (we’re replacing my cracked phone this afternoon), my partner in crime, and the solid and steady to my passionate and impulsive.  I am a better person because he loves me.


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  1. Kwizgiver

    What a great list! I’ll have to keep the idea in mind. 😉

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