Ten Things Tuesday

Ten things that can be found in the Puck (aka my little black car)…

1.  Gum and Altoids.  They live in the armrest compartment and are readily available to counter dragon breath.

2.  Pens.  Seriously; I’ve got about a dozen pens in the glove box.  Why do I need a dozen pens, you ask?  I don’t; I NEED one, but I have to have back-ups, too, right?

3.  An umbrella.  It’s a little green number that fits nicely in the space between the passenger front seat and the door.

4.  Wipes.  Technically, this could be three things; I’ve got wipes for washing hands and faces (Olay, I think), I’ve got wipes to clean glass, and I’ve got Armor All wipes (though those last two live in the trunk).

5.  Hair ties.  I’ve got both clips and elastics, and both live on the wiper and directional stems on my steering column.

6.  Quarters.  That’s what the ashtray is for, right?

7.  Lip balm.  I think it’s true that I have several varieties of lip balm; some in the glove box, some in the aforementioned armrest compartment, and one in the driver’s side door pocket.

8.  A little booklet that lists NPR stations all over the country.  That lives in a folder that also holds my insurance and registration cards, extra cash (if I have any) and, strangely, a barf bag.  I don’t remember where the bag came from, but it seemed like a good idea to keep it, so there it is.

9.  Antihistamine and Advil.  The antihistamine is in case of accidental shellfish contamination; the Advil is for everything else.

10.  My yoga mat.  Actually, it is true that I have TWO yoga mats in the car (and I’m not entirely sure why that is true, but it is).  Have mat; will travel!



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