Quick Hit: Two Things

First this:


I’ve had it up to here with all the anti-Obamacare bullshit.  People NEED healthcare, and we keep it from others at our collective peril.


Then this:


Today is the autumnal equinox.  Though our leaves haven’t started changing yet, the autumn food has begun showing up at Chez Chili; I baked apple cinnamon muffins this morning and am planning stuffed shells for dinner tonight.  I hope your first day of fall is equally yummy.


Note: I’m sorry for the short, stubby posts lately; I’m in papers up to my eyeballs and am trying to limit my computer time….




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2 responses to “Quick Hit: Two Things

  1. Yes, we all deserve good health care and the mentally ill so often get ignored when it comes to being cared for. I remember when I was first diagnosed with clinical depression and was prescribed Prozac. It was working for me but I was suddenly no longer employed and couldn’t afford it. I had to stop taking it, and go through awful withdrawal symptoms, just because there was no way to pay for it. We need better safety nets for everyone and that needs to include the mentally ill.

  2. The first one really touched me, since I live and work in New Mexico, have been to Laguna Pueblo (where the picture was shot) and know from working with for the largest healthcare provider in New Mexico that the need in this state (as in many others) is enormous. Thankfully, New Mexico is at the forefront of affordable care–our state bought in wholeheartedly (the joys of living in a blue state). Thanks for the post….I can remember the days when I didn’t have health insurance, and had to get my meds in sample form from the clinic. Scary times.

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