Quick Hit: Monday Madness

Mr. Chili came home from visiting his parents after work tonight to announce that his 91+-year-old father is going to undergo a 6-HOUR, full-body chemotherapy treatment sometime early next week.

I don’t expect him to survive it, and I’m wondering why the HELL the doctors aren’t advocating more strongly for hospice.

I am sad.



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2 responses to “Quick Hit: Monday Madness

  1. This is just so wrong, on so many levels, and it boils down to two things:
    1) An every-person prescription: That is, a prescribed course of treatment for anyone with certain conditions, regardless of other contributing factors. (One of my Ya-Yas just went through something similar, and she barely survived it.)
    2) Money. The doctors are fed by the hospitals, and the hospitals are fed by the doctors, and their patients, and the chemicals those patients are charged with taking. They don’t get money from hospice.

    Can you and your hubby talk to your father-in-law, and perhaps offer up the notion that what his doctors are prescribing is not in his best interest? It didn’t work with my Ya-Ya (which surprised the hell out of me), but maybe it will with him? xoxo

  2. Is your FIL aware that those are the options, one or the other? Is he ready to make that decision in that way? So sorry.

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