Ten Things Tuesday

I was stuck for a topic, so Ms. Dingo asked me to imagine what I’d do with a whole day and night alone in my house.  This doesn’t happen – I still have teenagers, so even if Mr. Chili is gone, SOMEONE’S home with me – but it could happen, and here’s what I’d do if it did:


1.  For as much as I’d like to tell you that I’d make myself a lovely dinner, the truth is that I’d probably order a pizza.  I’m not interested in doing dishes while I’m home alone.

2.  During the day, I’d probably spend a lot of time trolling facebook (my current favorite thing to do; I need someone to pay me for it) and reading.  If it’s the summer, I’m out on the back deck with a glass of iced green tea; in the winter, I’m on the couch under a feather blanket with something warm.

3.  There would probably be some sort of chocolate involved in my evening alone.  Ice cream in the summer (maybe a Klondike or Dove Bar) or brownies fresh from the oven in the fall or winter.

4.  T.V.  I’d like to catch up on some shows that I love but that Mr. Chili doesn’t really watch.  I’d probably marathon some Sons of Anarchy and maybe an episode or two of Justified.

5.  It’s not sexy or exciting, but I’d probably spend at least part of the day resetting the house; vacuuming, running a bunch of laundry, tidying the kitchen, making the beds.  I like it when things are orderly, and they tend to stay orderly longer when I’m the only one who’s home.  Oh, and if I’m folding laundry, I’m probably watching Grey’s Anatomy.

6.  I’d very likely spend the whole day in my pajamas.  This would be especially true if my solo day were in the fall or winter; in the summer, I’d be in linen.

7.  There would, more than likely, be a nap in there somewhere.

8.  I MIGHT take myself out.  I was thinking about the “order a pizza” item in the first slot up there, and I’m thinking that I might rather call a friend and go get my favorite pizza in Quaint Coastal City.  Truth be told, though, I’d be just as happy to have a big old drippy cheese pizza from Papa Gino’s brought to my door.

9.  I would take myself to bed early and, after playing Words with Friends, would read until my eyes started to cross.

10.  For all that I would love spending the day not having to attend to anyone but myself, I would miss my people.



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2 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Kwizgiver

    Throw in some knitting time and you’ve described my life. 😉

  2. And you can always invite us over for a pizza.

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