Quick Hit: A Week From Today

So, it is seeming more and more likely that Congress will not be able to get its collective shit together in time to raise the nation’s debt ceiling.

I’m not an economist.  I don’t even pretend to have a firm grasp on how this stuff works.  I’m willing to listen to the smart people who do, however, and the things that they’re saying are kinda scaring the shit out of me.

If this DOES happen – and it’s looking more and more like it will – is there anything that we should do to prepare?  Are there any steps that individuals can take to make this whole nightmare a little less nightmare-ish?  Is there something we should buy (canned goods?  Pitchforks?  Treasury bonds?) before this happens, or anything we can do (stockpile water?  Take money out of the banks?) ahead of this whole experiment potentially going up in smoke (certainly figuratively; perhaps literally)?



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