Six Word Saturday, Plus a Few More

350 dozen donuts equals MANY calories!

So, the 44th Annual Band Show happened tonight.  For the first time since Punk’s been in the marching band, Mr. Chili and I watched it instead of volunteering to help run it (after last year’s experience, I thought it best that I do my volunteering by cooking, instead; I dropped off a huge pan of apple crisp earlier this afternoon).

This is one of two big fundraising events for the marching band (the other is the giant craft fair that will run next month).  One of the volunteer spots is for someone to drive to the nearest Krispy Kreme (which is in Connecticut) to pick up 350 dozen glazed donuts to sell at the show.

They ALWAYS sell out, and usually well before intermission.

Anyway, I got to thinking about what 350 dozen donuts would represent in terms of one’s diet (while I’m trying not to become obsessed with this kind of thinking, it still occurs to me every once in a while), so I did some calculating.  According to the box, one donut is 210 calories.  350 dozen is 4,200 donuts.  210 times 4,200 is 882,000 calories.  If we divide that by a 2,000 figure for an average daily diet (the number most nutrition information is based on), we see that 882,000 calories is enough to keep a human alive for 441 days, or 1.2 YEARS (of course, if they tried to exist only on Krispy Kremes, they wouldn’t make it nearly that long).  Marc noted that, if one person were to consume all those donuts, that would likely result in the gain of about 252 pounds.


We didn’t buy any Krispy Kremes.  As a native New Englander, I’m loyal to Dunk’s, but even if I weren’t, that little math exercise was enough to make me lose my appetite for donuts altogether.



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3 responses to “Six Word Saturday, Plus a Few More

  1. I like both of them. I would have eaten too much.

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