Friday F*ck You

So, I bit – again.

I TRIED having a conversation with a facebook stranger about the ACA.  She brought up the talking points, and I refuted them (with citations).  I asked her to back up HER claims with evidence from credible sources, and I got crickets.

It was THIS bit, though, her parting shot, that really got me:

No thank you, I don’t get off on looking up & “backing up”! I have a FB friend (lib) who has just worn me out with stuff like that. I’ve been around a long time, been interested in politics since high school, read a lot & based on lots of things, believe what I believe. Nothing productive will come of back & forth quotes which neither side will pay any attention to anyway.
Just got back from a Ted Cruz rally where both he & his dad spoke. It/They were wonderful. I’m feeling very enthusiastic & upbeat right now. We’re just getting warmed up. If you don’t think so, believe it at your own peril. Don’t believe the lamestream media who say otherwise!

That should tells me all I need to know, shouldn’t it?  She doesn’t “get off” on backing up her assertions; she’s going to believe what she believes, regardless of the evidence in front of her.  What’s more; she’s freely willing to proclaim her refusal to learn and grow out loud and in public.

Sadly, she is so NOT the only one I’ve encountered who behaves like this.  I’m doing my best at trying to be as respectful and dispassionate about addressing the issues as I can be, but after a while, this kind of willfully ignorant bullshit wears me down.


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