The Day after Halloween

You want to know what the scariest part of Halloween is lately?

Go ahead, guess!

Got nothing?  Okay, I’ll tell you; it’s that, as soon as the Halloween candy is thrown into the discount bins and wheeled to the bottled water aisle, THE FUCKING CHRISTMAS SWAG COMES OUT!


I was in the grocery store this afternoon to pick up makings for dinner tonight (the Pats have the late game, so Marc and the boys are coming over for pot pie and football), and my grocery store already has holiday wreaths (and not just fall wreaths; no, I’m talkin’ red tinsel, full on Christmas wreaths) and stand-up displays with fucking stockings and Santas and reindeer on them.




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2 responses to “The Day after Halloween

  1. We gave up…and gave out candy canes to trick-or-treaters.

  2. Ohmygod, RIGHT?! It’s RIDICULOUS! Can we PLEASE enjoy THANKSGIVING (or, you know, FALL) before we launch into the madness of tinsel and carols? Please?

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