Ten Things Tuesday

Ten things I’m looking forward to:

1.  Thanksgiving.  It was supposed to be at Auntie Lynn’s this year, but Father Chili is in the throes of chemotherapy (don’t even get me started) and needed an “out” for the day.  I did my pushy in-law thing and commandeered the day.  I’ll cook here and Mr. Chili will probably bring over a couple of plates for the elders, depending on how Dad’s feeling.  The British sister is coming with her husband, my Anam Cara is coming, and I may get Sweet Pea for part of the day, but it’s going to be a quiet, low-key day.

2.  The end of the semester.  I encountered a student in the grocery story this afternoon who told me that I’m freaking out a lot harder about how little time we have left than the kids are.  I’m not sure if that makes me feel better or worse, but I’m looking forward to putting this semester to bed.

3.  Reading.  I’m looking forward to reading every night (I’m making my way through Old Man’s War and heading into Invisible Man next).  Part of the reason I’m looking forward to being done with the semester is it’s going to free up some reading time.

4.  My Solstice party.  I ordered some postcard invitations last week, and I’m excited to see what they look like.  I started the tradition of a gathering of special people last year, and even though it will be populated by different people this year, I’m excited for the second annual Chili Solstice party.

5.  There are a bunch of movies that I’m still dying to see.  The Book Thief came out a bit ago, but it’s not showing in any of my local theatres.  I also want to see 2 Guns (which is playing at Local U. in a few weeks) and I’m going to rent Pacific Rim as soon as it hits Redbox.

6.  Strangely, I’m looking forward to Christmas.  For starters, the holiday season is when I get a chance to do a serious, focused, deep cleaning of my house.

7.  I also get to decorate.  I always feel a little like an archeologist uncovering treasure when I take out all our ornaments; it’s fun to unwrap something I’d sort of forgotten I had.

8.  Bruder comes for Christmas, too, which is one of my favorite things about the holiday season.  Dinner is at our house now, as well, and this year’s celebration will likely include a number of my most favorite people on the planet.  I’m really looking forward to that.

9.  Mr. Chili said the other day that he’d like to re-watch all of Justified.  I have the first three seasons on DVD (and I’m asking for the most recent season for Christmas).  I love that show, and I’m excited to have some cuddle time on the couch to watch it.

10.  Holiday food.  I was just thinking that a good part of the time I’m going to have off between semesters is going to be spent at the gym, which is a good thing because I also plan to eat anything and everything I want this holiday season.  I think I’ve finally figured out that illusive balance of careful and obsessive when it comes to weight loss and management, and I’m marching headlong into the season confident in my ability to walk that balance.  Bring on the egg nog!


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