Scrubby Saturday

I’m not sure what got into me, but I spent most of today cleaning (I’m thinking that I planted that particular seed in my Ten Things Tuesday entry about looking forward to a good, pre-holiday cleaning, so I jumped on it early).

All the plants have been trimmed and watered. While I cleaned, vacuumed, and rearranged the great room, Bean was washing the kitchen floor. Half of the dining room got some focused attention (the other half is Punk’s work station; she’s going to clean that tomorrow because she was out babysitting while Bean and I were attacking the house), and the whole of the family room got a good going-over. While Bean and I were busy inside, Mr. Chili had Marc’s leaf blower and was tidying up the yard; it looks nice out there.

There are still some things left to do, but I’m feeling pretty satisfied with the results of today’s effort.



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2 responses to “Scrubby Saturday

  1. We have plenty, and you know where we live….

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