Ten Things Tuesday


1.  An anthology of short stories comes out today.  One of those stories is by Diana Gabaldon, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.  I’ve already put my name on the queue at the library for the book; if it’s good enough, I’ll buy it for my iPad.

2.  I’ve befriended someone on facebook – someone I don’t know in real life – and we’ve discovered that we are of similar spirit.  He sent me this after we had a lengthy conversation about our attitudes about the use of the word “fuck” and I expressed an admiration for Samuel L. Jackson.

1460193_639543779417011_612229563_nThe fuck y’all motherfuckers want?”

3.  C.V. Rick set me on the path of learning about the Trans-Pacific Free Trade Agreement.  Before this morning, I knew nothing about it.  I still know nearly nothing about it, but what I DO know, I don’t like.

4.  We’re in the last two weeks of classes.  They can’t end soon enough.  I’m hoping against hope that the time and guidance I’ve given the students to write decent research papers hasn’t gone for naught.

5.  I’ve recommitted to diet and exercise.  I sort of eased off on my logging of activity and intake during October and November (and didn’t gain weight, which tells me that I’ve got this mostly figured out), but I was inspired by this little bit of silliness to make sure that the holiday doesn’t undo all of the hard work I did this year to get to where I am.


image credit

6.  I’m making to-do lists again.  I keep feeling like I have a zillion little things that I have to do, and I’m not confident in my ability to keep track of that many things in my head.  Yesterday, I crossed off  “pay bills.”  I have some phone calls to make this afternoon, and I have to remember to add a couple of things to it later.

7.  I stopped in to the gymnastics studio last week to find out how to get past my “wall” for a couple of poses.  I don’t think I got the information I needed, really, but I found out that they may be running an adult class in a few weeks.  I left my name and email address; I hope they remember to put me on the list.wide-leg-seated-forward-fold-pancakeimage credit; I want to get to be able to do this and a handstand (so much the better if I can press into a handstand from a standing straddle.  I know I’m strong enough; I’m just missing some key aspect of the move that’s keeping me from full execution).

8.  Mr. Chili wants an iPad for Christmas.  I know I’ve mentioned before how terrified I am to buy electronica for my husband, so I’ve enlisted his twin to help.

9.  We happened to check in on Mother and Father Chili this afternoon while the hospice team was visiting!  We got to talk to both Jason and Dana, and were able to express our specific concerns (and some of the things that Dad’s told us that he likely won’t tell “strangers”) and, as a result, I’m feeling a little tiny bit better about the train wreck that is going on over there.

10.  I’m pissed at Sears.  I found out the other day that they are sponsors of Rush Limbaugh’s show (see here for a list).  When I went to their facebook page to ask them to please stop, I got an automated reply saying that they don’t advertise on the show.  When I went back with the evidence I linked above, they blocked me.  No money for Sears this Christmas – or ever – at least until I find out they’re not using the money I give them to enable hate, ignorance, and stupidity.



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3 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Man that Jackson thing is too funny. Looking forward to the Christmas dinner. The dog is better looking.

  2. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of Dangerous Women. It’s on my Amazon Wish List, so I’m crossing my fingers for Christmas. I’m a huge George R. R. Martin fan, so I’m excited for the novella he’s included, but he and Gardner Dozois always seem to put together a collection of fantastic stories. I’ve never read Diana Gabaldon, although I keep thinking I should…

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