Friday F*ck You

Rape insurance, People.  RAPE.   INSURANCE!

It’s a thing.

Not only is it a thing, but it passed.  By some convolution of Michigan State law (which I don’t fully understand) the bill doesn’t need to be signed by the Governor (who’s already vetoed it once).

I’m both deeply gratified and pissed off that I don’t live in Michigan right now; glad that I don’t have to deal with this kind of fucking stupid, misogynistic bullshit and frustrated that I can’t help to do much about it for my Michigander sisters from way over here.



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3 responses to “Friday F*ck You

  1. Brandon

    So, it’s not really “rape insurance,” but a requirement for a rider to a health insurance policy if one wants abortion coverage (with life of the mother still covered by a regular policy). So clearly this would cover an abortion whether the pregnancy resulted from rape, or consensual sex. Calling it rape insurance smacks of hyperbole.

    Given the average cost for an abortion, I would question why one would want to pay more to have this as part of her health insurance. The article doesn’t indicate how much one of these riders costs, but I would guess that the cost/benefit wouldn’t be there, compared to paying out-of-pocket if an abortion was desired.

  2. The whole point of insurance is preparing for the unexpected. No one PLANS to break a leg, or to have a car crash, or for a tree to fall on their house, so we buy insurance for those things.

    What I and many of my fellow women object to is the idea that we have to purchase SEPARATE insurance for this particular medical procedure. 80% of private insurance companies cover abortion services (citation here: For all the screaming about “governmental interference” in private industry, I find it peculiar that the government should be seeking to control what insurance companies can and cannot include in their privately drafted contracts with consumers.

    Further, it is no one else’s business what someone’s plan covers. Part of the point of insurance is that we all pay in and we all get back what we need. The “objection” that some people have that their money might be going to fund someone’s abortion is just too damned bad. That’s like people objecting to their tax dollars going to fund welfare. Well, you know what? I’m not crazy about MY tax dollars funding wars, so let’s do this; they can feel better by thinking that their money is going to maternity wards; they can think that MY money goes to abortion services.

  3. Brandon

    Looks like the best of both worlds then when it comes to a woman’s choice regarding her health care plan. If a woman does not want to have abortion services covered then she can pay less for her monthly premium. If a woman wants the abortion coverage, she can opt in for the rider and pay whatever the additional cost is.

    Sure, it’s a separate step/insurance but the option is there for it. You’d have more grounds for distress if the legislation meant that insurance companies could not offer abortion services as part of their coverage. Heck, even I would not be on board with that. If an insurance company wants to cover abortion services and there are consumers who want to purchase that coverage, then fine by me.

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