Quick Hit: Thought for Thursday

So, the country is falling all over itself about this idiotic Duck Dynasty nonsense.  As I’m neck-deep in WAY more important stuff (like, you know, ANYTHING else), I’m going to leave you with a simple idea to discuss:

Homophobia is okay as long as you can attribute it to religion.

Aaaannndd… GO!



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2 responses to “Quick Hit: Thought for Thursday

  1. I don’t care how people feel one way or the other, but you’d think people would be smart enough these days to keep their mouth shut about controversial topics. Sure, there’s freedom of speech, but there are consequences to every action, and I think in this day and age spewing hate has some serious consequences (i.e. losing one’s job, fans, supporters, whatever), and people should be aware of what they say and how it affects others.

    Also, I always find it funny that some people choose just certain parts of religious texts to follow, as long as it supports their personal preference. How many of those that spew hate for homosexuals do you think also eat pork and lobster? Doesn’t the bible say that those are abominable too? How many of them are charitable? How many of them honor their wives? How many only have sex to procreate? You can’t choose to be a partial follower, and many “Christians” (and people of other religions too, to be fair) do just that.

  2. Gerry

    Is their any horrid thing that Christianity has not been used to justify over the centuries?

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