Friday F*ck YEAH!

True story; this afternoon, Bruder and I got into a discussion about gay marriage.  I don’t recall how we got there, but that’s not important.

Basically, we were bantering about which state would be the last to allow same-sex marriage.  We were, naturally, ragging on the Southern states, particularly Mississippi and Alabama.  Bruder lives in Alabama, so I joked that his state would certainly be a hold-out (though he hadn’t seen this, which makes me think that neither state is as bad as we might think they are; true to form, the politicians are saying something that might not be entirely in line with what the people think).

Here’s where it gets interesting; I brought up the idea that it’s probably going to be Utah that falls last.  I mean, because, Mormons.  They were the huge money behind California’s Prop 8 fight and the primary driver of Utah’s constitutional ban on gay marriage; they’ve got a dog in this fight, and it’s a well-funded, influential pooch, to be sure.

Well, IMAGINE my surprise when I was flipping through my facebook feed during the endless stream of commercials before the previews before The Hobbit* to find THIS!


Then, after the movie, I find an article which states that the judge in the case is refusing to consider an appeal for at least a few days (and, considering that Christmas is Wednesday, I’m wondering if it’s even going to be heard before the new year).  THEN, I hear that the mayor of Salt Lake City is going to stay in the office as long as there are people wishing to be married (he’s in for a LONG night).  THEN, I heard that a state senator came out publicly AND married his partner, all in the span of this afternoon.

All bets are off, You Guys; I’m thinking that 2014 might just be the year that all the constitutional amendments against same-sex marriage are going to be struck down.

*I enjoyed the film, but don’t even get me started about the commercials; the inane drivel that one has to sit through in a movie theatre is a post for another time.



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6 responses to “Friday F*ck YEAH!

  1. Oklahoma. It will be Oklahoma. How do I know this? I live here. They’re nuts here.

  2. jrh

    “All best are off, You Guys.” I know it’s a typo or autocorrect, but it might be my new favorite expression. Thank you.

  3. Kristi, I’m sorry, Honey. Oklahoma didn’t come up on our radar, but Arkansas did. I’ll try to send some good energy your way.

    Julie, good catch; I’ve fixed it. Thanks!

  4. Gay Marriage in Utah is the equivalent of a Planned Parenthood Clinic at the Vatican.

  5. Gerry

    I like to think there are people everywhere who don’t hate based on the hateful stuff which gets so much news.

  6. While I don’t want to speak too soon, it looks like I might have been wrong about Oklahoma! Woohoo!

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