Thought for Thursday

Alternately titled; Dad’s Last Christmas

Yesterday was perfectly lovely.  The fact that it was perfectly lovely was made even more so by the fact that, since this is likely Father Chili’s last Christmas, I wanted everything to be as nice as possible, and it was.

We weren’t sure he’d make it – he wasn’t feeling very well yesterday – but Mother AND Father arrived in time for a yummy dinner (prime rib for us, turkey for them, with a lot of scrumptious sides).  Dad seemed tired but, I think, happy to be out.  It was a small gathering this year; just the four of us, Bruder, Mother and Father, and Marc, so it was never overwhelming for the oldsters.

After dinner and dessert (and a little wine all around), we retired to the great room where presents were exchanged.  Again, nothing overwhelming (which was good; Dad had a tendency to go WAY overboard with Mum’s presents, but everyone finished up at about the same time).  From there, folks sort of melted into a nice, peaceful quiet; Mr. Chili and Bruder went off to figure out the fancy hovercraft that Bruder bought (which seems to have some sort of electrical problem the two engineers are still in the process of trying to remedy).  The girls were busy with their new headphones, Marc and I spent some companionable time cleaning up (which doesn’t sound like much fun, but not having done it would have completely stressed me out) and Mum and Dad settled in with tea and books.

All of this followed an equally lovely Christmas Eve, which found us at Mum and Dad’s with lasagne and the traditional reading of passages from A Christmas Carol.  I think that both Bean and Punk got some video of Dad reading his usual part (the bit where Scrooge wakes up a changed man); it will be nice to be able to watch that next year.

All in all, it was a lovey holiday, and I’m glad of it.



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5 responses to “Thought for Thursday

  1. Kwizgiver

    Simple and lovely! xo

  2. nhfalcon

    I’m very happy to hear you and yours had a peaceful, pleasant Christmas.

    And, you never know, maybe this wasn’t Dad’s last Christmas. Stranger things have happened. Here’s hoping!

    Happy Holidays,

  3. A great day to be with family for many many reasons here.

  4. Sounds like all you could have hoped for and more.

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