Quick Hit: Taking Care

Apparently, Father Chili has been falling out of bed.

This is a bad thing all the way around, though it’s made slightly less bad by the fact that he sleeps in a very low, almost Japanese-style bed and, as a consequence, hasn’t done himself any real damage.  He’s not able to get back into bed, though, despite its being low, and Mother Chili isn’t much help (and we’re worried about her doing damage to herself in the effort).

We were sitting around with the hospice nurse this evening, and I came up with the idea of putting body pillows on either side of the bed, under the bottom sheet, to try to keep him in bed.  My husband and I headed out into the cold, fat rain to procure the pillows, and we made up a very funny-looking bed before we left them for the evening.

Here’s hoping they act sufficiently as bumpers to keep the man in his bed.

I’ll report back.



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2 responses to “Quick Hit: Taking Care

  1. We do very similar things at the hospital all the time. It should work great.

  2. I actually just read something today that gave the suggestion of sticking a pool noodle under the fitted sheet to stop children from falling out of bed. Perhaps it might work for Father Chili?

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