Quick Hit: Joy

I got to spend a lovely afternoon with my favorite former Local U. student.

Leah is “home” from her adventures at sea (“home” is in quotation marks because her actual home is in the Azores – the lucky little duck! – but she’s visiting New England and very generously set aside some time for me).  You’re probably not following her blog, but you should be; this wonderful girl with the infectious smile has some astonishing adventures, and she documents them in vivid words and breathtaking pictures.  Seriously; hit the link.

We met for lunch and spent a perfectly companionable couple of hours talking about her travels and her plans for the immediate future (and how, every time I see a “boat movie,” I think of her).  She listened to me unload my frustrations about work and my aspirations to learn enough to maybe open a school of my own one day.  We talked about politics and shopping and watches and socks.  We talked about blogs and facebook and writing.  It was a perfectly wonderful afternoon, and I’m so honored that she took the time out of her whirlwind visit to the area to spend some of it with me.


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