Ten Things Tuesday

Ten “G” things.

1. Someone I love:   Gerry.

2. Something I like to eat: green grapes.  Seriously; in the summertime, I can demolish an entire bag of grapes without ever looking up from my book. I have a weakness for things I can eat one at a time (chips, M&Ms, grapes, that sort of thing).

3. A color:  Green.   I’m a fair-skinned, red-headed Scot; most of my wardrobe is comprised of forest greens, browns, and dark greys and purples.

4. A good movie:  Gone Baby Gone.   I saw it literally years ago, and I’m STILL mulling over how I feel about the ending.

5. A place I’ve been: Gloucester.

image2428image credit

6. A thing I really don’t like:  Gagging.   Gagging is usually a precursor to puking, which is something I really, REALLY don’t like.

7.  A critter I like:  I used to have pretty goldfish.  I think guinea pigs are kind of cute, though I wouldn’t want to have one.

8.  Something I can do:  Grammar.  I know ‘grammar’ isn’t a verb, but I’m a lot of people’s go-to person when they need a grammar question settled.

9.  Something I can’t/don’t do:  Gamble.  I never understood the allure of gambling; I guess I just don’t have the receptors in my brain that make gambling attractive.

10.  Something I wish for:  Goodness and generosity.  I think that the world could be made a whole lot nicer if people were just a little more gentle (there’s another one!) with each other.

Happy Tuesday, Y’all!


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  1. Kwizgiver

    Oooh, I must boost this!

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