Friday F*ck You

Really?  No; REALLY?!

What the fuck is WRONG with these people?!



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6 responses to “Friday F*ck You

  1. Kwizgiver

    It really makes me wonder what the women in their lives are like.

  2. L B

    I’m wondering if the daily dose of cialis or viagra (for whenever the mood strike) is part of the libido control discussion as well. geez!

  3. D

    I don’t even have words for this…

  4. Brandon

    Preach on Mike. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to see that people thought Huckabee said that women can’t control their libidos without birth control, when he said that is the message that Democrats send. I mean, actually listening must be hard, while looking for the next outrage du jour is much easier.

  5. Brandon, exactly how do you figure that the Democrats are sending the message that women can’t control their libido without birth control? Just because Huckabee said it, doesn’t make it true. Show me some evidence of Democrats saying that – or implying that with either words OR policies – please.

  6. Brandon

    I was commenting on how much of the coverage misconstrued what he said to imply that he thought women couldn’t control their libidos without birth control, when he was not saying that at all.

    He was using hyperbole to make the point that the intensity with which Democrats gin up this phony “war on women,” especially when it comes to birth control (HHS mandate related), one would think that is the only issue that matters to all women. And that if not for Democrats, those evil Republicans would be ready to snatch away all the birth control.

    Any woman that wants birth control can get it (the current issue is whether or not an employer – Catholic hospital, charity, etc. – must be forced to subsidize the cost,) and no one is attempting to change that or frankly cares at all about the availability birth control.

    Rich Lowry sums it up nicely here.

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