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Friday F*ck You

My (lone Republican) Senator is on this list.


I am not even a tiny bit surprised by her vote; she’s consistently voted against every decent, humanitarian measure that has been put in front of her (up to and including expanded background checks).  2016 cannot come soon enough; I can’t wait to help vote this woman out of office.

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Quick Hit; Thought for Thursday

As I watch the analysis of the recent spate of anti-GLBTQ legislation being floated as “religious freedom” bills, I pause to wonder if, seeing that their grievances aren’t being honored in the courts or in the legislatures, the conservative, evangelical, hard-right bigots are going to take their fights into the literal streets.

I don’t want to say “I told you so,” but I am genuinely worried that we’re about to see an uptick in violence against the GLBTQ community.  Cornered animals are dangerous animals, and the rhetoric I’ve been hearing coming from that particular demographic leads me to believe that they truly think of themselves as cornered.  Their values, their beliefs, their very way of life is “under attack,” and people who feel that they have no other recourse often resort to violence.

brutalityAnti GLBTQ violence in Russia:  image credit

Let’s be careful out there, shall we?

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Nearly Wordless Wednesday

I DON’T think that Jan Brewer vetoed this bill out of the goodness of her heart; I think she saw the financial consequences to her state and thought better of the plan.  Regardless, it was the outcome I wanted: I don’t really care about why it happened.


image credit to George Takei

I AM worried about the cornered animals.  At this point, all their whining and complaining has been in the courts; they’re not getting much relief there, though, so it’s only a matter of time before they take it to the streets. I don’t want to say it out loud, but we need to steel ourselves for the likelihood of retaliation against the GLBTQ community all over the country. Once they figure out they have no traction in the courts, the bigots are going to take matters into their own hands, and we need to be on guard for that.

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Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Things I’m thinking about:

1.  I have a head cold.  I am damned and determined that it is NOT going to bring me down, so I’ve been drinking tea like a wonton geisha and doing Emergen-C chemotherapy.  I’m hoping to at least beat it back enough that I remain upright.

2.  The Walking Dead is a really good show.

3.  So is Dexter.  I watched season one a while ago; I’ve started season two on Netflix while I’m on the elliptical.

4.  My critical thinking classes are starting to get good.  I’ve got a few key students in both classes who are willing to really dig in, and I’m hoping that they inspire others to start wading into the fray, as well.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that there is so much going on in the news that we’ve got plenty of fodder to work with.

5.  I’m teaching 8 yoga classes this week.  I should be good and stretched out by Sunday.

6.  I am deeply and profoundly annoyed with a relative who’s being disrespectful, making assumptions about what she can expect from us, and has flat-out lied about two things that are extraordinarily easy to fact check.  Ugh.

7.  It’s fucking cold here again, and the weather guys are saying it’s not going to be “warm” again until at LEAST the end of NEXT week (the 10 day forecast is all below 30°).  Chili is not amused.

8.  I love Atlantic Spice Company.  I ordered a bunch of loose tea from them on Sunday.  It arrived today.  I have never had anything but positive experiences with the outfit.  Go check them out; you won’t be sorry.

9.  I am astonished by the blatant displays of ignorance and hatred being put on by people claiming “sincerely held religious beliefs.”  Do NOT expect me to respect you if you’re willing to discriminate against a fellow human being for ANY reason.  Wrapping bigotry up in a cloak of “religious freedom” is disingenuous, and further proves to me that religion is a crock of shit.

10.  I made the mistake of picking up a box of Trader Joe’s milk chocolate peanut butter cups.  They lasted about a day.  It’s all I can do not to go back and buy more; they’re that good…

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Monday Meme

I got this question from this site; I may be using it as blog fodder for a while because some of the questions are really good.

  1. Would you rather be a worried genius or a joyful simpleton?

Well, I think we all know that I AM a worried genius (well, I wouldn’t call myself a genius, but I am not prone to false modesty; I am smart).  Every once in a while, I wonder whether it’s worth it to know about all of the stupid and hateful and vile in the world when there are only so many things I can actually DO about them, but I decided a long time ago that knowing – even at the cost of great pain – is always better than not knowing.  My answer is that I would rather be the worried genius; joyful simpletons don’t make the world a better place for anyone.

Happy Monday, Everyone!


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Quick Hit: National Eating Disorder Awareness Week




image credit

A while ago, I wrote about how, before I started exercising and dieting to lose weight, I didn’t understand how easy it is, even for people without a predisposition to obsessive behavior, to get into trouble with food and body image.  Once I started paying attention to the ways that I interact with food and exercise – and, as a consequence, was exposed to a lot of the messaging and culture around these issues – I really DID understand how overwhelming those signals can be, especially to folks who are susceptible to them.

This week is devoted to raising awareness about eating disorders, and to help those who struggle with them to see that they’re not alone.  As you make your way through your week, try to be aware of what kinds of attitudes and behaviors you exhibit around food and body image, and try to be a little kinder to yourself than perhaps you usually are.  Treat your body with the love and kindness it deserves for carrying your light and energy around in the world.  Nourish yourself with things that are good for you and things that make you happy.  Don’t feel guilty if you splurge once in a while, and try to practice some healthy self-acceptance.  Your example will help others, too, even if you don’t know they’re watching.

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Six Word Saturday

40° feels warm; what the HELL!?

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