Ten Things Tuesday

Ten things I’ve pulled off the internet lately:

1principle 6

The Sochi games start on Friday.  I’m conflicted about watching any of them.


Evidence, Motherfucker

Oh, how I wish I could post this on the Blackboard pages of my critical thinking classes…

3.critical thinking

I asked Mr. Chili to turn this into a poster for me.


4.cult religion

I actually made this one in response to a facebook friend who said he wished there was a meme of this quote.  I was happy to oblige.


I think facebook needs a “dislike” button.


6.Yoda sees what you did


This just made me giggle.  I’m keeping it handy so I can post it as a photo comment on clever people’s facebook posts.



My friend Dingo posted this on her wall the other day, and I had to have it.  I’m going to ask Mr. Chili to make posters of this one, too, and if he can, I’ll send one to her.




Another one I want to put on my CT classes’ Blackboard pages.




One of my students actually wrote a response in which she argued in FAVOR of “traditional gender rolls [sic].”  I’m thinking of printing this out and stapling it to her paper.



My friend CVRick directed me to this (or it may have been Larry; I forget).  Either way, it’s kind of awesome and, if I ever have another office, it’s going on the wall somewhere.


Happy Tuesday, Everyone!


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