Ten Things Tuesday

The level of suck that I’ve been experiencing in both my real and e-life has been high lately.  Here, then, are ten good things:

1.  This.  Seriously.


2.  This.

3.  This.

4.  Heated seats.  It’s been stupid cold here lately; heated seats are really just lovely.

5.  Lunch with friends.  I had a lovely lunch with Punk’s flute teacher today.  I’m meeting a former colleague for tea and sweeties tomorrow afternoon.

6.  Far-away but immediately accessible friends.  I love facebook; whenever I need something – a sounding board, a bit of encouragement or perspective, or just a laugh – I have a handful of people I can private message and know that they’ll respond right away.  I treasure that.

7.  NPR.  The Universe is doing that strange giving me information just when I need it thing (my students are starting their issue analysis papers, and ALL I’m hearing are stories about the topics they’ve chosen), but even when that’s not happening, I love NPR.

8.  Jim Wright.  Seriously; if you’re not reading Stonekettle Station, you’re just not living right.

9.  Mango Greek yogurt.  It’s become my favorite thing lately.

10.  Bedtime; so much the better if Mr. Chili goes up first (as he’s done tonight) because he “steals” all my cold spots before I get there.  There is little that is as blissful as crawling into a warm bed on a cold New England night.



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2 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Sorry things have been rough for you lately. Hopefully it will get better soon (climbing into a nicely warmed bed is a good start!).

  2. nhfalcon

    Heated car seats are pretty awesome. I didn’t realize my Jaguar had heated seats when I bought it. It was Cookiemaker who figured it out one fine cold winter morning.

    The thing I love the most about the Michael Sam story is that he told his teammates LAST AUGUST and not a peep about it went public until just the other day and only went public because HE decided to go public. The fact that a bunch of college-age men in the *South* were able to keep their mouths shut and respect their teammate and his wishes is just awesome to me.

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