Monday Meme: Fast Five

* share 5 facts about your appearance

1. I am 5 feet, 3 inches tall. I used to be 5’2″, but I took up yoga and gained an inch.


2.  I have shoulder-length, curly red hair.  I used to fuss with my hair a lot, but about 14 years ago, I got a great cut that freed me from all that.  My hairstyle hasn’t changed much since then, mostly because it both suits me and is so low-maintenance.

3.  My eyes are an indescribable shade of greenish-brownish-greyish, and I think that what I wear accents different hues.  I tend to look best (I think) in autumn-like shades (deep greens and browns, royal purple and blue).  Because I am also fair of skin, pastels drain me.

4.  I currently weigh slightly more than I did in high school.  A year ago (almost exactly), I was the heaviest I’d ever been not pregnant.  I embarked on a year-long focused effort to get into shape and, for the most part, I’ve succeeded.  I’d like to lose about 5-10 more pounds, but now I’m mostly focused on toning and strengthening; I want to be able to do this before my birthday next year.

5.  Though the words “lithe” and “willowy” will  never apply to  me (see #1 above), people have remarked (often enough for me to take notice) that I carry myself “like a dancer.”  I attribute that to the yoga practice, and I like that it’s something that people notice.  I don’t consider myself “pretty” by the current standard, but the fact that there’s something about my carriage that people notice favorably pleases me.



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